Hey! I'm Nicolette

I worked as Chief Customer Officer for multinationals like QVC, Sky and Liberty Global. Triggered by the Cluetrain Manifesto (1999; “Markets are conversations”) I successfully guided organizations through transformational customer centricity changes since the beginning of this century throughout Europe. I bring strategy together with pragmatism, making companies more successful, whilst making employees and customers happy.

Ever since I started working in customer operations, I was always forced to focus on decreasing costs. My superiors gave me the feeling that customer operations was a nuisance, and they’d rather terminate the department if they could, because it generated no value for the company, and just cost money.

As markets, in the beginning of this century, started to globalize, becoming more and more competitive, and products and services becoming commoditized and interchangeable, I started to realize that customer operations would become one of the areas companies had left to create sustainable competitive advantage for brands and companies.

But how to go about that in environments where people work who are told every day that they are just a nuisance and an expense for the company? That they don’t matter, and what they do doesn’t matter? People who had become the factory workers of our day and age?

It was then, that I realized, that, when a company needs to 1) save costs and 2) improve it’s competitive advantage in a sustainable way, the way to it was people dealing with customers everyday.

What would happen if we started to appreciate people, make them feel they matter, and what they do matters. To the costs? And to customers?

I was fortunate enough to have had many companies in which I could test my assumptions. I call it my ‘strategic playgrounds’. On every occasion it turned out that, when I made employees feel cared for, give them the feeling that they matter, and what they do matters, to ‘the big picture’ (the success of their company), they started to change their behavior. They in turn started to make customers feel cared for, and give them the feeling that they matter.

The business case meanwhile has proven itself many times in small and large (multinational) companies. The costs go down and the profit goes up.

When You Care, People Notice.

Employee engagement skyrockets, and so does customer engagement. Both employees and customers become advocates for the brand or company. Employees stay longer, customers stay longer, buy more, and bring their friends.

In the process, achieving what is for me a bonus more valuable than money, seeing employees transform into happy people who love their work, and happy customers who love to do business with us.


A powerful pull that generates success beyond expectations

Care is king – and why it makes a difference for Customer Experience

What if you where the general of an army? More often than not, customer operations is the largest department in a company with respect to the number of people working there, as Customer Operations often represents 25-50% of the headcount of an organization. That means that you have an army.

When you successfully unite and focus your army in one direction, behind one goal, things will start to change. You start to experience what I call contagious enthusiasm. Your people start to get into a flow, together. Professional pride starts to grow, and so will execution power and realization power.

You notice a pull from people in other departments, without you (or your people) trying to ‘sell’ what you are doing. It starts to spread like a (positive) virus. Soon you will start to see the results coming in.

You start to see costs going down, and revenue going up. Not because you focus on the money, but because you focus on people, employees and customers.

All you need to do, is create an environment where your employees are enabled to focus on people, on customers. Make people feel you care. Instead of the traditional customer ops KPI’s focused on operational efficiency. Don’t get me wrong, operational efficiency does matter, but it’s a means to an end, not what makes people happy. Care makes the difference.

When You Care, People Notice

My Why

I belief that everybody deserves to feel meaningful. Do work, and do business in an environment you enjoy. Where people feel valued, instead of deployed as dehumanized robots, human doings.

In our hypercompetitive, globalized marketplaces where products and services are commoditized and interchangeable, it’s the feeling people get that creates sustainable competitive advantage and makes you stand out from the crowd, both for potential employees and customers.

We are human beings, not human doings. An organization is incapable of creating meaning. Humans are meaning makers. Only humans are capable of adding meaning, for themselves, and for customers.

People in organizations that are enabled to add meaning to their work make organizations successful beyond expectations. Costs go down, profit goes up. Not in spite of people (anonymized and dehumanized expense items like FTE, and so called revenue generating units -customers-) but thanks to people.

Customer Centricity is a vessel to add meaning, making your company sustainably stand out from the competition for both (potential) employees and customers.

The BIG5 of Customer Centricity™ help you get there.

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Nicolette is unique in her care for customers and customer service representatives. From day one at Sky, she inspired large audiences to co-create with her a transformational journey towards a vision driven by purpose and consistent with her mantra ‘when you care, people notice’. Her love and attention to detail in crafting the cultural transformation and her ability to relate to frontline employees are unique. She leaves and breathes cultural transformation.

Dr. Sebastian Hauptmann
Chief Sales Officer and COO at valantic

A power lady with a brilliant game changing vision on Customer Intimacy, yet at the same time hands-on in her approach transforming customer operations departments into passionate client focused teams, well aware of the value of their role for the company/brand and its customers.

Rob Huijboom
Global Head of Customer Experience at Kantar (a Bain Capital portfolio company)

Nicolette worked as part of the corporate management for UPC Europe’s Executive team. Her leadership and hard work was key to major efficiencies and improvements in Customer Care across our foot print. Development and establishments of KPI's and advanced measurement and management techniques were deployed during this time.

Mehrdad Mansourpour
Managing Partner

Nicolette is an inspiring leader and a great team player. She always stays focused on customer experience and human touch.

Miroslaw Suszek
Operations Director

I have always experienced Nicolette as an engaging and energetic customer service professional with a true passion and heart for developing and blueprinting new and innovative service concepts and strategies. Her motto “when you care people notice” still holds true today. I have experienced and valued her management style as open, direct and focused on developing the people she manages and works with.

Gerrit Goedkoop



What makes our actions human?

Care creates meaning. Care makes us think and feel. It is what makes people’s actions human. Hence, care is what makes organizations human. An organization that does not care cannot create meaning for people as human beings, be it employees or customers. The German philosopher Martin Heidegger (1889–1976) stated: Care is the meaning of being (“Sorge ist der Sinne des Da-Seins”). Without care, being has no meaning.

Care is energy

Pretending to care costs energy. Acting from a source of genuine care generates energy. Care supercharges your organization, and creates results that exceed expectations.

Care ensures commitment and involvement

The ethics of care describe care as a much broader concept: as an essential form of involvement with the world.

Where consumers are flooded with an abundance of choice, and products and services are completely commoditized, and interchangeable, care makes the difference: ‘When you care, people notice’.

A service-based culture is hard to build and maintain. Consumers can’t be tricked into it. They will know and their (positive or negative) messages spread faster and across larger geographic areas than your company will ever be able to afford, no matter how large your marketing budget. Genuine care makes the difference.

Care delivers sustainable business and financial results. Care has a material impact on attracting and retaining top employees, their work attitude, and their work pleasure. Care has a tangible impact on the loyalty and the retention of customers, their spend, and attraction of new customers (Fred Reichheld’s new KPI, earned growth rate, EGR). Care materially impacts the bottom-line and the long-term success of your company. It is a transformational process that touches the core of your organization. Care generates customer advocacy (NPS), it turns your (employees and your) customers, your two most important stakeholders, into your ambassadors, and is the most effective as well as the cheapest ‘marketing tool’.


Nicolette is one of the most authentic and passionate leaders I had the pleasure to work with! She is truly inspiring, building strong people-connections and giving clear strategic directions. Nicolette has an in-depth understanding of all customer-related matters as well as for all the organizational challenges that derives from customer-related activities. Her amazing ability of communicating successfully at all company levels (from the Board of Directors to juniors front-line) make her a truly transformational leader and a effective result-bringer.

Georgiana Dragomir
Managing Partner

Nicolette is one of the most experienced leaders I ever met. Nicolette works with passion and contagious enthusiasm, to create a customer and employee orientated environment. She really cares for both. She knows how to serve the customer, how to steer operations and how to motivate and engage the people in the organization. Always with respect for KPI´s and the economic factors, the economic development of the business.

Stefan Michels
Director Customer Dialogue & Engagement, Aldi

I worked with Nicolette at N26. She is an amazing executive coach and a super experienced customer service professional. Great personal experience.

Martin Schilling
Managing Director Techstars Berlin, Board Member German Startups Association

Nicolette is a rare mix of deep operational experience and executive and leadership skills. She also has a rare mix of corporate and startup skills too, thriving in any environment. She makes things happen as well as being able to bring senior leaders along, even if it means telling them things they don't want to hear. She brings both energy and empathy either as a coach, manager or both, and gives 100% every time.

Dan Somers
Partner at Boundary Capital

Having the chance to work with Nicolette was a fantastic opportunity to learn from her deep operational design and customer focused experience. Besides being a joy to work with, Nicolette has a ‘get it done’ mindset who is able to present creative solutions to complex problems and communicate the benefits to the company.

Doug Casterton
Head of Operation Excellence, GetYourGuide

Supercharging your customer experience is simple!

(but not easy) …