Creating game changing customer experiences, building loyalty, and organizational resilience for the future – for real

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About The Book

The fastest path to transforming your company into a truly and genuinely customer centric organisation. This book is blatantly and unashamedly about transforming your company into a truly and genuinely customer centric organisation and reaping the rewards of that kind of success.

If you’re good at the technical thing of what you do but don’t know exactly how to move from talking about “putting the customer at the heart of everything you do” to actually and genuinely being and doing it, then don’t worry, the whole point of this book is to take you from confusion to clarity – so you know exactly what to do make the transformation a success.

The goal is for you to begin developing your roadmap by the time you finish reading this book.

The method you’re about to discover has radically transformed the life of employees, customers, and yes, shareholders too, for the better, with benefits far beyond the financial.

Above all, it is my sincere hope that you learn more than just how to deploy the Real(istic) Customer Centricity Method. I’ve interspersed little bits of advice and lessons I’ve learned from twenty-plus years on the front lines, having made all the mistakes and living to tell the tale. Yes, you could call this a marketing book, but it’s really a book about designing a better company. A company that brings people (you, employees, customers) joy, financial rewards, and even peace.

I sincerely believe that the world can, should, and will be changed for the better within my lifetime and the lifetimes of our children. I believe it will be the bold ones, change agents, dreamers, and innovators like you who will make that happen.

So, it’s a great privilege to share what I know with you. I hope it inspires, informs and helps you to improve your company, so you can improve the lives of yourself and of others.


Helping people like you to transform their company, make it a great environment to work in and do business with, and make it more profitable is exactly what I do day-in and day-out.

To your success,


What’s inside



Gain insights on your most pressing CX/CC opportunities



Bolster/boost your credibility in your ongoing CX/CC transformation efforts



Learn about what’s working and how to do it



Optimised and condensed knowledge for your busy schedule



For hundreds of years, companies have been serving customers, building trust and loyalty, so what’s different nowadays for customer experience to have become ‘institutionalized’ as a key domain to generate sustainable competitive advantage, with many companies struggling to successfully do so? In this book you find how to move from ‘surviving the hype’ to thriving, realistically, sustainably and consistently building loyalty and long-term relationships with customers, creating organizational resilience for the future in your company.


Nicolette is a rare mix of deep operational experience and executive and leadership skills. She also has a rare mix of corporate and startup skills too, thriving in any environment. She makes things happen as well as being able to bring senior leaders along, even if it means telling them things they don't want to hear. She brings both energy and empathy either as a coach, manager or both, and gives 100% every time.

Dan Somers
Managing Director

Nicolette is a passionate and inspirational coach/trainer. She succesfully helped our management team to achieve a better understanding of the way we work together. The documents and other information she gave us have helped us years after the training was given!

Francie Peters

The way Nicolette assists, guides and inspires people (and companies) in their strategic reorientation and transformation is unmatched. In everything she does you can see that her strength is her passion as well. We have been working with Nicolette since 2008 and hope to do so for years to come.

René Warmerdam
Sales Director

About the author.

Triggered by the HBR article “Welcome to the Experience Economy” (1998; B. Joseph Pine II and James H. Gilmore) and the Cluetrain Manifesto (1999; “Markets are conversations”), Nicolette is a maverick who pioneered Customer Experience since the beginning of this century.

Early on she recognized the major opportunity for businesses to build loyalty and long-term relationships with customers, creating organizational resilience for the future, whilst creating meaningful environments for people to work in and customers to do business with.

Initially as SVP/Chief Customer Officer for public multinationals like Liberty Global, QVC, and Sky, she successfully guides organizations through transformational customer experience changes throughout Europe, bringing strategy together with pragmatism, adequately balancing (often short term) shareholder goals (decreasing costs whilst increasing profitability) with creating long term resilience, making companies more successful, whilst making employees and customers happy.

I believe that everybody deserves to feel meaningful. Do work, and do business in an environment you enjoy. Where people feel valued. In our hypercompetitive, globalized marketplaces where products and services are commoditized and interchangeable, it’s the feeling people get that creates sustainable competitive advantage. We are human beings, not human doings. An organization is incapable of creating meaning. Humans are meaning makers. Only humans are capable of adding meaning, for themselves, and for customers.


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